Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

An Approach to Roach Eviction: 6 Ways to Keep a Cockroach Infestation from Spreading to Your Flat

by Devon Perez

When you move into a cockroach infested housing complex, it won't be long before the neighbours pay you a visit. However, they probably won't be the human kind. Once cockroaches invade a block of flats, no flat is safe—unless a strict cleanliness regime is adhered to. One infestation in a block of public housing flats in South Melbourne became so serious that residents petitioned the Victorian Government to do something about it.

The simplest method would be to move out. However, for many people, that isn't an option due to finances. Likewise, even an exterminator may still struggle to contain a serious infestation. If you find yourself in this situation, do the following to ensure that your flat doesn't attract the nasty neighbours.

Purchase a Heavy-Lidded Pedal Bin for Rubbish

A rubbish bin in the kitchen can feed hundreds or even thousands of cockroaches each night. It isn't practical to completely do away with your bin, however. So instead, invest in a heavy-lidded pedal bin that leaves no room for cockroaches to enter overnight. Although cockroaches can go weeks without food, this is still a good place to start.

Seal all Cracks and Crevices

Old blocks of flats are often filled with cracks and crevices. Get down to your local hardware store and purchase some caulk. Fill in every single crack you find. Cockroaches use these to travel from one apartment to another, and as hiding and breeding grounds. Check your cupboards and behind every piece of furniture just to be sure you have filled all cracks.

Sprinkle Borax by all Possible Entry Points

If you have dogs or cats, skip this step as borax is poisonous to them. Children too, if exposed to large amounts, can get sick so keep this in mind. Sprinkle borax along the bottom of your front door, on window sills and along the edges and corners of kitchen cupboards. Once cockroaches come into contact with borax, it sticks to their legs. Later when they clean themselves, they ingest the borax and eventually die.

Clean Plates and Wipe all Surfaces Dry

After every meal, wash up your plates immediately. Dry them and preferably place them into sealed containers as even the tiniest bit of food or moisture left on a plate will feed a wandering cockroach. Wipe all surfaces, walls and taps dry before leaving the kitchen. Do not leave any kind of water source. Place plugs into plugholes too after you have used your sink to prevent cockroaches from seeking moisture inside the pipes.

Do Not Leave Out Wet Rags or Dish Cloths

Wring out and dry all cloths and rags, then place them in a container, just in case. Even the tiniest bit of moisture is enough for a family of thirsty cockroaches.

Empty and Dry Your Kettle Every Night

Your kettle is also not safe from cockroaches. Although it is pain to have to empty and dry your kettle after every cuppa, unless you do so, the water inside it will attract cockroaches. They will also contaminate the water with their saliva and faeces so always change the water should you leave it overnight.

Even if your flat is currently occupied by unwanted guests, by practicing these habits each and every day, you will deprive them of their food and water sources. You might also benefit from using a pest control service to first kill off any current roach squatters before implementing the above preventative measures. 


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Get out of my house!

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