Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

When and Why You Should Schedule a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

by Devon Perez

When you're considering buying a home, you want to ensure that it's properly inspected for any and all needed repairs and fixes. This means scheduling more than just a standard inspection that is often required by law and by your mortgage lender, as this inspection only includes parts of the home that need to be up to local codes. An inspector won't tell you if appliances don't work, the garage door squeaks and so on. This inspection also won't include a check for pest infestations, so note a few signs that you might want to schedule such an inspection before buying a home.

When you see standing water

If a home's basement has puddles of water, or you see standing water outside of the home, you might want to schedule a pest inspection. This is because pests need a water source as well as a food source, so that standing water could be attracting termites, roaches, mice, and the like. Along with fixing any plumbing leaks or investing in a sump pump for the basement, you may also need to have the home fumigated, so be sure to include that inspection when you see any standing water.

Large amounts of wood

Termites can infest virtually any home, but if a home has wood window frames or timber flooring, or if you see firewood stored near the house, this can mean the property is extra attractive to these insects. Have an inspector check for termites in particular so you know if there is any damage that would need to be fixed, and to note if the home might attract termites in the future, even after a fumigation.

You see lots of bug spray in the home

When touring a home, note if you see bug sprays under the counter or in the garage, a collection of mousetraps in a cabinet, and other signs that the homeowner is trying to deal with pests. Don't assume that this means the home will be pest-free; instead, it might mean that the homeowner has been battling pests for some time! You can also look for holes in the baseboards, as this often means mice have been chewing through the walls. Note, too, any type of odd smell that might mean the home is not often cleaned, as uncovered trash often attracts insects and rodents. In all these cases, a pest inspection is the best choice for ensuring you know if there are insects and rodents infesting the home.


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