Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

Treatment Options You Could Consider For Termite Control

by Devon Perez

If you discover termites have infested your home, you will find a whole range of treatment options that you could choose to eliminate these pests. However, selecting a treatment plan should not be about gravitating toward the cheapest option. It is essential to hire a pest control professional to guide you through the process. Some of the ways professional pest controls services will help you include:

  • Identifying the extent of the termite infestation
  • Select the right treatment plan for your particular infestation
  • Advise you on how best to prevent a future infestation

The following are a couple of common treatment options that you could consider for termite control.

Barrier treatments

Barrier treatments are one of the most effective methods employed in termite control. Although this type of techniques is best used when you are constructing your home as a preventative measure, you could opt for it for your current termite problem. There are two main types of barrier treatments that you could choose:

  • Chemical barriers: With this termite control method, the professionals will lace the perimeter of your property with a chemical liquid. The liquid will also be applied to your flooring, your soil and other areas of your home that would be at risk of a termite breach. Chemical barriers are a favourite termite control method for homeowners as it is unobtrusive.
  • Physical barriers: This method of termite control involves the installation of termite proof sheeting around the perimeter of your residence. Physical barriers are also ideal during the construction phase as they can be placed beneath your foundation, which functions to prevent termites making their way into your home through cracks in the concrete. Nevertheless, termites have been known to build tunnels over the physical barriers. Therefore, it is essential to have a routine inspection carried out to prevent a full-blown infestation.


The central principle behind baiting is to install traps in termite hot spots so that the insects are drawn out from their nests. The termite specialist will strategically place the bait stations around your yard with the aim of attracting the termites to the trap and away from your residence. The bait stations would have to be replaced routinely until the termite control specialist is satisfied that the critters have been annihilated.

The main advantage of choosing to bait over other termite control methods is it does not alter the kerb appeal of your residence. Once the termite control procedure is complete, the bait stations are easily removed from the property. 


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