Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

Clearing Up Common Misconceptions About Termite and Insect Infestation

by Devon Perez

A homeowner should never overlook the risk of termite infestation in their home; termites can quickly and easily damage a home's wood framework and building materials so that the home actually settles and shifts, leading to cracks along its interior surfaces. In some cases, the damage may be so severe that a home may need to be demolished, or parts of its framework outright replaced. To ensure you're protecting your home from termites and other damaging, dangerous insect infestations, note a few common misconceptions about these pests, and discuss your home's risk factors with an exterminator as needed.

Termites only eat old wood

Don't assume that termites only eat through old, soft or rotted wood; termites are actually attracted to any wood, no matter its age or overall condition. Some newer homes may have less risk of termite infestation because the framework may be coated with termite-resistant sealants, or they may be made to more exacting standards so that there are fewer gaps in the structure that would allow the insects into the home. However, this doesn't mean you should never have the home inspected for termites or that you can overlook precautions in keeping termites away from the home, such as consistently sealing wood window frames and wood doors. Since any home can be infested with termites, be sure to protect your home no matter its age or overall condition.

Sawdust means termites

If you see lines of sawdust around wood features of the home, this doesn't necessarily mean you have termites, as termites ingest wood rather than just boring through it. Your home may instead be infested by wood borers, carpenter ants, certain types of beetles, and other such insects. It's important to know this, as you may try to treat this infestation yourself, but using chemicals and sprays meant for termites alone may not be effective against these other pests.

Baiting termites

Some homeowners think that it's actually good to leave wood around the outside of the home as a way to "bait" termites and keep them out of the home itself. This is actually very dangerous, as termites often make their way from one food source to another; if there is wood close to your home, it may actually attract termites to your house, not keep them away from it. Ask an exterminator about termite treatment and the best ways of protecting your home, but avoid keeping exposed firewood near the home or leaving any type of wood out and exposed, thinking you'll "bait" termites and keep them out of the house itself.


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Get out of my house!

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