Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

Choosing Premises for Your New Food Wholesale Business—Pest Control Considerations

by Devon Perez

For the most part, a business that sells food is a sound investment—whatever is happening in the economy; people always need to eat.

So, you've decided on a wholesale food business because it has a simple business model—you source and buy food in bulk, then mark up the price and sell it in smaller quantities to shops and restaurants—easy and lucrative. You know what your business will need--a warehouse, delivery vehicles, a team that can buy and sell, and people to pack and distribute.

Once you know your potential suppliers and customers, it's time to start thinking about where your business will be based. What kind of warehouse should you choose? Size and location are important.  However, there's more to consider than that when you add pest control to the mix.

Pests can be a problem for any warehouse, but when it comes to food storage, the risks attached to poor pest control can have a devastating effect on your business; from contaminated products that damage your reputation, and lose you clients, to full business closure and prosecution.

So, before you view potential warehouses for your new business, take note of the following considerations.

Warehouse Site

To identify a warehouse's potential for pest problems, you need to look at more than just the warehouse. The site it's situated on will give you an indication of whether pests are likely to be a problem. Sites near amenities, a body of water, or a railway can make pests a greater likelihood. While not a deal breaker, you may need to give greater thought to pest control in these kinds of locations.

Building Design and Barriers

Building design and physical barriers can make a huge difference when it comes to pest control. If money is no object, you can renovate a building to suit your needs. If you have a limited start up fund, you'll want to find a warehouse that has the following:

The Right Kind of Doors

  • Doors that are high-speed, self-closing.
  • Doors that show no light when closed between the seal and the jamb.
  • An entry door with an ante-room. This will serve as a control zone for pests that manage to breach your initial barriers.
  • Air curtains installed at external doorways.

Internal Fixtures and Fittings

You should be looking for warehouse with flooring that can be cleaned with ease. Maintaining a hygienic work environment will reduce the risk of pests enormously. Ventilation systems and ducts should have pest guards installed.

For more information or assistance, contact a local pest control company.


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