Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

Measures Pest Professionals Take During Bee Removal

by Devon Perez

The presence of a beehive on your property can be extremely hazardous to your family. Bees tend to be quite temperamental, so any disruption to their habitat can lead them to swarm over you. Not to mention the risk of going into anaphylactic shock if you happen to be allergic to bees. Therefore, it is never recommended to let these hives thrive if you are not qualified in handling bees. Nonetheless, some homeowners assume that al they would need to do is smoke the bees out when in tut the process of bee elimination is much more complicated than that. Bee removal should always be left to professional pest control services as they have the required knowledge (and insurance) to handle these insets. Read on for the measures that pest control professionals take during bee removal.

Step 1: Identifying the bee species

Before extermination can begin, the pest professional will first identify the bee species that they are dealing with. Identification of the species is critical as the different types of bees have varying behavioural patterns. For example, one kind of bee species will host hundreds of bees in their colony whereas another species will host thousands. Without knowing what species has taken up residence on your property, they will be unable to determine the extent of the infestation. Moreover, some species such as carpenter bees do not construct hives but instead will bore into wood structures, so they would have to be wary of that too.

Step 2: Vacuuming the bees out   

The next step in the bee removal process would be to vacuum the insects out of their hives. The special vacuums that are used for this procedure are quite gentle and are not intended to kill the bees. Instead, the vacuum equipment facilitates the transfer of the insects into special containers that are designed with honeycombs inside them. Live relocation can be quite hazardous. Thus, it should only be left to the professionals, as they would have the proper protective attire to keep them safe. In addition to this, the pest control professionals will release calming smoke to keep the insects docile.

Step 3: Transportation of the bees

Contrary to popular belief, bee removal does not entail killing of the insects on site. After the pests have safely been corralled into the special containers, the pest control specialist will remove them from the property and take them to a bee apiary so that they can either put to use as pollinators or as honey producers. 


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