Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

Top Tips for Keeping Termites Away From Residential Properties

by Devon Perez

If you hear a neighbour complaining of termite infestation, it is time you keep your guard up. Termites are annoying and highly destructive pests that you do not want anywhere near your property. Notably, termites cost homeowners $80 to $780 million in property damages annually. The good news is that you can easily prevent termite infestation before they attack your home and wreak havoc. If you have detected termites on the outskirts of your property, the following termite treatment steps will help you keep them at bay.

Retreat Construction Wood

Wood is a common material in residential homes, and the fact that termites love chewing on timber makes you vulnerable to pest infestation. Although builders often treat construction wood exposed to soil, retreatment every couple of years is recommended. Typically, borate is the go-to termite repellent, and all it takes is to spray it directly to wood. Borate soaks gradually into wood's core, essentially keeping termites away. You can also spray borate to your windows, doors, and furniture if they are made of timber. When sprayed correctly, borate can protect your property from termite attacks for decades.

Clear Dead Wood and Leaves 

Another effective way of keeping termites away from your property is to eliminate their primary food source. Termites thrive on wood; therefore, if any pieces of dead timber are lying around your yard, remove them as soon as possible. You should remember to inspect your gutter system because twigs and dry leaves that fall into the downspout are a termite's favourite meal. If you keep firewood for the cold season, store it away from the main house and a couple of feet above the ground. Finally, any rotting tree stumps in your yard should be removed. Most importantly, any dead wood you see in your yard is a potential attraction for termites and must be eliminated.

Eliminate Moisture

Moisture attracts all manner of pests, including termites. Notably, the presence of excess moisture on your property makes wood soft and palatable for termites. Moreover, moisture leads to faster rotting of wood, another common attraction for pests. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate wet points around your property to keep termites at bay. Look for leaks in and around your home and make the necessary repairs. You can also move the garden away from the house to prevent water from settling close. If you live in a highly humid area, use a humidifier to remove excess moisture in your home to keep termites away.


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