Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

  • Mice Be Gone! Ways to Rid Your Home of Rodent Pests

    In the right setting mice can be delightfully cute and furry critters. Indeed, they make wonderful pets for many people. However, the right setting isn't usually having mice running loose around your house, chewing their way through your possessions and spreading dirt and disease. If you find yourself in this situation, what can you do? The unfortunate fact is that for every mouse you spot there are probably several more lurking behind the scenes, so any infestation may be more serious than it first appears, requiring professional pest control assistance.

  • Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wood Termites

    Having a wooden fence around your property might mean you'll have to deal with termites if they are prevalent in your area. While liquid termiticide treatments do the trick, such products contain harmful chemicals that are unhealthy for you and bad for the environment. Instead, try these two natural termite control methods. Orange Oil Orange oil contains an active ingredient called d-limonene, a natural insecticide. This active ingredient immediately dissolves termite exoskeletons and the termites die.

  • Important Questions to Ask Your Pest Control Service Company

    If your home has a pest infestation, or if you're worried about termites, rodents and the like, you want to call a pest control service company right away. A pest infestation is very unhealthy for you and is also dangerous to your home, as pests can chew through wiring, drywall and wood studs. When you are ready to call a pest control service, note a few important questions to ask so you know what's involved and are sure to keep your property and family safe.

  • When and Why You Should Schedule a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

    When you're considering buying a home, you want to ensure that it's properly inspected for any and all needed repairs and fixes. This means scheduling more than just a standard inspection that is often required by law and by your mortgage lender, as this inspection only includes parts of the home that need to be up to local codes. An inspector won't tell you if appliances don't work, the garage door squeaks and so on.

  • A Lawn Full of Funnels: Why Funnel Ants Seem So Intent on Annihilating Your Precious Lawn

    Funnel ants are the bane of golf courses, pastures, and lawns. Where ever they take up residence, it isn't long before a landscape of mini-volcanoes springs up. Although they are primarily active underground and are therefore seldom seen, they soon make their presence felt after it rains. These tiny ants, merely 5mm in length, build mounds of dirt roughly 4cm in diameter, after rainfall to dry out their nests. The more mounds your lawn has, the more severe your funnel ant infestation.

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Get out of my house!

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, one that should set you up for several hours of active, busy life. Nothing turns a breakfast bad like picking up your coffee mug, or a plate, and having a critter skitter out from underneath! Ants, cockroaches and more do their best to work their way into our homes, where they aren't welcome and don't belong. Sometimes ant traps and insect bait are enough, but if you ignore the problem it can quickly escalate to where you'll need professional pest control to get rid of your unwanted guests. Professional pest control can provide a wide range of rates and service, and are worth calling.