Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

Rat Control: Ways to Keep Rats Out of Your Restaurant

by Devon Perez

Nothing can ruin the image of your restaurant faster than a rat scurrying across the dining tables at the busiest hour when the place is full. With the advent of the internet, you might receive many bad reviews on social media, and that might be the end of your business. However, you do not have to wait until something so disastrous happens to seek professional help. You can prevent these little critters from taking residence on your premises by calling a rat control service as soon as you notice an infestation. The following procedures will also help to keep rats out of your restaurant: 

Take Proper Care of the Garbage

Like other pests, rats get attracted to places with nourishment. They will feed on the organic garbage produced in your restaurant. Leftover food and other kitchen refuse will keep them coming back as long it is available. Proper management of restaurant garbage is an excellent strategy to fight the menace. 

In line with that, it is advisable to train your kitchen staff to clean up the place thoroughly when done with the day's work. Proper cleanup leaves no food debris on the premises, thus keeping the rats off. 

Close Food and Water Sources

Rats do not only get attracted to decomposing matter but also fresh food and water. If you have a cold room, large pantry and food storage spaces, there is a good chance you'll be hosting these unwanted visitors in your restaurant. That might create severe food contamination and possible health complications among your customers. 

To avoid that, invest in air-tight and foolproof locking mechanisms for your food storage areas. When you secure the fresh food sources, you starve the rats and enhance your customers' health and restaurant hygiene. 

Clear the Landscape

Rodents also like to inhabit ill-maintained landscapes. Even if you have clean, well-organised and decluttered spaces, but your yard is full of bushes, holes and tall grasses, you are likely to fail in your rat control efforts. A messy landscape provides rats with an ideal environment to live and reproduce. Clearing bushes, cutting down overgrown tree branches and mowing the grass helps to keep rodents at bay. 

With these three simple maintenance tips, you will keep rat infestation in your restaurant under control. However, if the menace overpowers you, consult a professional and experienced rat control service. With their skills and expertise, they will get rid of the rodents once and for all. 


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Get out of my house!

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