Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

  • When Termites Conquer Concrete: How Determined Termites Can Get Through a Concrete Slab

    Many modern Australian houses sit on concrete slabs. Termites can chew through many materials, including plastic and plasterboard; however, their jaws are no match for concrete. But termites don't give up without a fight. If they sense that your home has the right conditions, a termite colony will search high and low for an entry point. Although termites won't chew through a concrete slab, there are ways that they might crawl through the concrete slab that lies beneath your home.

  • Measures Pest Professionals Take During Bee Removal

    The presence of a beehive on your property can be extremely hazardous to your family. Bees tend to be quite temperamental, so any disruption to their habitat can lead them to swarm over you. Not to mention the risk of going into anaphylactic shock if you happen to be allergic to bees. Therefore, it is never recommended to let these hives thrive if you are not qualified in handling bees. Nonetheless, some homeowners assume that al they would need to do is smoke the bees out when in tut the process of bee elimination is much more complicated than that.

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Get out of my house!

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, one that should set you up for several hours of active, busy life. Nothing turns a breakfast bad like picking up your coffee mug, or a plate, and having a critter skitter out from underneath! Ants, cockroaches and more do their best to work their way into our homes, where they aren't welcome and don't belong. Sometimes ant traps and insect bait are enough, but if you ignore the problem it can quickly escalate to where you'll need professional pest control to get rid of your unwanted guests. Professional pest control can provide a wide range of rates and service, and are worth calling.