Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

  • Ants in Your Plants! How to Get Rid of Ants that are Nesting in Your Potted Indoor Plants

    Unless you live in Greenland, where there are no ants, you are going to encounter ants quite often throughout your life. For the most part, ants are pretty harmless as long as they are outside where they belong. However, once they take a liking to something in your house, whether that is your sugar bowl or your potted lavender plant, they can very quickly try your patience. The warm, moist soil in your houseplants' pot provides ants with the ideal nesting location.

  • Termites in the Bookcase: What to do when Termites Invade Your Personal Library

    No matter what your personal taste in books, a nearby termite colony will be more than happy to help you devour them. The only problem is—termites will literally devour your collection, even those sturdy hardbacks. Your bookcase or shelf is also history, unless it is made of teak or cedar, which contains a chemical that termites would rather not eat. It might come as a shock to you to find that termites eat books but you should know that determined termites will chew through electrical wiring, carpet, wallpaper, and even gold if necessary.

  • Houseplant—Not Mouse Plant! What to do when Mice Take a Liking to Your Houseplants

    Mice can find their way into your home in a number of ways. And because they are nocturnal and extremely stealthy, you may never know that they were there. That is until they pay a visit to your houseplants. While many potted houseplants are toxic to mice, such as the split-leaf philodendron and the azalea plant (rhododendrons), mice may nibble on the leaves of some of the less toxic varieties. However, what usually interests mice about houseplants is not the leaves but the location.

  • Rats and Lemon Rind Removal: Why Rats are Likely Responsible for Removing the Rinds from Your Lemons

    Have you ever seen a lemon hanging from a lemon tree with its rind completely removed and the fruit within completely intact? Though it does sound peculiar, this does actually happen. If you own a lemon tree, you may even have come across this phenomenon before. It can be quite distressing to go outside to pick a lemon only to find that someone—or something—has taken the liberty of peeling them for you.

  • An Approach to Roach Eviction: 6 Ways to Keep a Cockroach Infestation from Spreading to Your Flat

    When you move into a cockroach infested housing complex, it won't be long before the neighbours pay you a visit. However, they probably won't be the human kind. Once cockroaches invade a block of flats, no flat is safe—unless a strict cleanliness regime is adhered to. One infestation in a block of public housing flats in South Melbourne became so serious that residents petitioned the Victorian Government to do something about it.

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Get out of my house!

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